Our playground

It is a playground for partners and their clients to architect, design, prototype, test and R&D engagement and IoT solutions.

In general the playground looks like follows (click on the image to see it the big way):

The playground is defined based upon:

  • An eHub reference solution architecture
  • An eHub security architecture
  • Devops principles like "infrastructure as code"
  • A Security first mentality
  • An High Availability and Disaster Recovery focus
  • A Lambda Architecture with a Hot (Alerting and Notification), Warm (Visualisation) and Cold (data science) paths, enabling integration with and triggering of business functionality
  • A Microservice and API based Architecture to guarantee a loosely coupled architecture

The eHubArchitects.com playground contains the components of a "real-time business" solution to be used as follows:

  • In the apps and devices section a start is made by using business context simulators that can send IoT and engagement events to the Event Hub gateway in the cloud environment
  • For IoT devices, the Cloud To Device communication can be simulated too
  • The gateway acts as a message broker. It provides a real endpoint for the app or device where events can be captured and published for further consumption
  • One of the consumers can be streaming analytics where in real-time patterns can be discovered. For this one or more microservices can be called to help in this discovery (for example through machine learning functionality)
  • This streaming analytics can also trigger notifications and alerts
  • It can also deliver its data to a Business Intelligence tool for real-time visualisation


How quick can a solution be delivered? The goal of eHubArchitects.com: a first E2E, contextualized and working MVP in 5 to 10 days...

This environment can be used for a kind of "masterclass" that builds a contextualized version of the architecture in 5 to 10 days, delivering an experienced team and a first Minimum Viable Product. This MVP is generic and allows for further growth, it puts all what is needed in place to build E2E solutions for many, many business use cases.

The basic master class builds the solution from simulator via connectivity to streaming analytics and ends by real-time visualization.

It also sets up the warm pad where the hooks for machine learning are provided.

The foundation for API Management, using Microservices is put in place.

At the end of the masterclass a first Minimal Viable Product of the solution is delivered that provides the foundation for further development and growth.


Do you want to play? Become a partner and/or contact me at bart.van.geel@ehubarchitects.com or linkedin.com/in/bartvangeel