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Hi there,

I consider myself to be a Solution Architect and Engineer, a researcher too. That is my DNA.

I am not a commercial guy, so I am looking for commercial and financial partners.

Next to this, I like to guide and coach people, I like to collaborate with experts and extend my network.

I am into partnership with like minded people, organisations and companies that understand the need that is associated with the climate emergency and the related problems our civilization is faced with.

People and companies that understand that a circular and lean economy is the only thing that can save our civilization and see the benefits that an event hub based architecture can bring to the table.

By marrying engagement and IoT use cases it must be possible to bring the complete product life cycle in a loop of continuous improvement, to eliminate waste, improve energy efficiency and the overall quality of product and service.

If you share this belief, I like to meet you and start collaborating. to achieve this goal.

Do you want to play?

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