What is "eHubArchitects.com"?

Imagine an economy without any waste, an economy that is circular and lean?

Climate change, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, soil erosion, resource scarcity, energy inefficiency... are in great part caused by the current linear economy: and its mantra "Take - Make - Use - Dispose".

A circular economy is more about (as little as possible) Take - (as much as possible cycling through) Make/Remake - Use - Reuse/Recycle.

How can ICT help in building this lean, more circular economy?

  • By making measurement and monitoring of the complete product life cycle possible..
  • By linking this measurement and monitoring to centralized analytics and artificial intelligence.
  • By translating the obtained insight to business action, in real-time.

The complete product life cycle gets measured and can be made lean in a process of continuous improvement.

eHubArchitects.com is a lab and playground where the use of an event hub can be  studied and architected in a specific business context to make this continuous improvement possible, and a lean product life cycle can be achieved.

For actual business cases, think of "fix before failure", "remote monitoring" and "predictive maintenance".

The best solution can be found and defined through trial and error, test-driving all aspects of the solution.

Like Devops, app and device management, streaming analytics, data lake analytics, machine learning, visualization, alerting and notification, security, disaster recovery, high availability, ....

The use of "solution accelerators" is promoted where standardized solutions by "infrastructure as code" and other principles of Devops are defined.

eHubArchitects.com builds upon what industry leaders like Amazon and Microsoft propose and exercises a quick and efficient translation of these generic models to specific business contexts.

Currently the playground is being built in MS Azure (the AWS version is underway) where the use of an event hub (ehub) based solution architecture is studied to tackle combined customer engagement and IoT business use cases.

Do you want to play? Become a partner and/or contact me at bart.van.geel@ehubarchitects.com or linkedin.com/in/bartvangeel